Make secure returns of 8% per year with an investment in social housing 

As with any investment your capital may be at risk


Fixed Returns of 8% per year​

Get an extra 8% bonus at the end of the investment

Flexible payment terms. Choose when to start earning

We like to make property investment as

simple and secure as possible.

PLL Property Investments specialises in delivering secure returns with high yielding investment in the UK social market.

With already over 1 million people waiting to be housed the UK is in desperate need for more social housing.

Our team has over 40 years experience and has built and managed portfolios with values over £1 billion.


We facilitate secure high returning property investments with a social benefit

We purchase, re-develop and lease property across the UK to Housing Associations (HA's), Registered Providers (RP's) and Councils to create long term secure income with a social benefit.

Everything we do is about creating stable investments and removing risk which is why we;


We only work directly with Councils and Housing Associations all are funded directly by the UK government.

We never purchase a property without a pre-lease agreement from a Housing Association confirming that they will take the lease once re-development has completed. 


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Investing in social housing with PLL Property Investments is accessible, secure, lucrative & transparent and provides a much needed social impact. 

A host of Benefits


High returns on investment

All investment secured by the purchased assets

Low Risk. Brexit Proof 

No fees payable for the life of the investment

Monthly Updates on your investment. Architects renders and Photos

Invest in a social good

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A Growing Need

The UK currently is currently in a social housing crisis with over 1 million people waiting to be housed. That number is growing every year and Brexit is adding increased political pressure to address this. There has never been a better time to invest in social Housing.


Built on Experience

Our team have been working in property for over 40 years and have an intimate and far reaching knowledge of the UK property market. 

Collectively they have developed, aquired and managed over £1.3 billion of property.

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How It Works

The 5 steps to a secure income


Our team is constantly identifying and securing potential properties.

Identify Property


Sign Pre-lease Agreement

We only purchase properties once we have secured a legally binding pre-lease agreement certifying that a Housing Association will rent on completion of renovation of the property.


Purchase Property

With our knowledge of the industry and area we typically negotiation purchase prices that are far below market prices.



Our development team are experts maximising the financial potential of any property and renovating to the legal standards required for social housing.

Renovate Property

Ongoing Management

After the Housing Association has taken over the lease our team oversees all management of the property so all you need to do is sit back and collect your returns.

Case Studies


Recently Completed Projects 



Total Costs

Rent Per Year






An investment with a social impact. 

We aim to help tackle the issue homelessness and build a better community with our developments.


Completed Properties